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Running barefoot

Low tide at Eastbourne

Low tide at Eastbourne

We forget as we grow older the joy of running barefoot on the sand, on the beach, splashing in the water.

As children we never thought of it as a “workout” it was pure play, and I want to know why we do not do it as adults. Especially me.

As children we didn’t think about how long we were out, we were just there in the moment. Exploring, looking, searching. Looking around. We might run we might walk. It wouldn’t matter. This was play, and why do we not do it as we get older.

Well here is a picture of my playground the other day. Morning and  low tide, actually more children down there than adults. Time to investigate rock pools. Feel the sand between your toes and the cold water on your feet.

A joy we do not experience often enough. Go on YOU – try it some time.

No equipment needed. Just go down there. Take your shoes off and explore, and enjoy.

Rest safe that only you knows what’s going on in your head.


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