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Race for Life

I'me off

I’me off

Light hearted in nature it might be but the purpose is deadly serious. All over the country Race for Life events host up to 1500 female participants who walk, run or job the 5Km course.

So many people have suffered Cancer, including Mary.

Who we remember

Who we remember

With around 170 5k events across the UK in 2015, there are events all over the country. 5k is a really accessible distance and Cancer Research provide lots of resources, tips and plans to help you make the most of your Race for Life 5k event.

For us it’s a gentle stroll to the course. Well done Mary Piggott who does it each year and isn’t a runner.

Mary has entered this for years now in recognition of her cancer all those years ago and very many others we know about.

I always think its a nice touch that participants write those they remember on the back of their  T-shirts.

Also this year Evie ran, and then ran her personal best for 5Km – in 28:45. Many congratulations. Wish I could run that fast.

Evie is Lucy’s daughter and therefore our Grandaughter. She has been running with her Dad Russell, who is developing amazing fitness, stamina and speed running with the Run Wednesday group.

Evie half way round - going comfortably

Evie half way round – going comfortably

Evie wanted to beat her personal best. This she did in style.

If you, my dear reader, are female and want to know more about this amazing series of events. CLICK HERE.

And it’s solstice day – the longest day of the year. From today the days become shorter. So make the most of every day.

Just in case you  do not know what that means – It is the day when the Earth’s North Pole is at its maximum tilt toward the sun. READ about it here.




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