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Yesterday I had the pleasure of a conversation with Will Callaghan at Techresort.
This is an amazing initiative to teach tech to all youngsters – age range 8 – 80.

Go here …. Tech resort Eastbourne .. and see what this is about.

Technical matters are taught. Everything that’s associated with computers. From take them apart and understand what’s under the hood to programming to make them work.

All sorts of ages. Programming for 8 year olds. Yep – that’s right 8 years olds can write programs. Through to “How this stuff works” for seniors.

I have several old PCs that I will donate. The more the merrier. They provides the raw materials for folk to learn on. We live in a tech world. Computers and the PC (and the odd Apple Mac!) on every desk has changed the way the world goes on.

I look forward to being involved. We live in a technical world and anything I can do to help  me, and others, understand and use the benefits, is a benefit to us all.

So even if you have silently thought “this tech stuff isn’t for me”. Think again, go here and see what you can learn and open your eyes to the world of today.



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