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The Distillery tour

Family weekend in Glasgow.

Mary’s Dad’s side of things get 50 – 70 members of the same family who all choose to meet up to hang out together and have a meal every 2 years or so.

Previous venues have been in Wisant (near Calais), Lille, Reims, Brugge, Geneva, Eastbourne, and this time Glasgow.

Every time we tell anyone about it, this is always met with the same wide eyed – amazement. You do WHAT! Every time we meet there are new folk along. New faces we find, new babies to hold, new boy or girl friends along and sometimes the sadness of saying good bye to someone.

Cousins get to know cousins they didn’t know they had. Ages range from 3 months to 90. A new 90 year old was discovered and came along for the first time for us all to meet. Every time we meet we get to know someone a bit better.

Half the contingent are Swiss, and other half spread across the UK, Belgium, Canada and the US.

Saturday afternoon it seemed rude to refuse to go and visit one of the great Scottish traditions. A Whiskey distillery. So some of us went for the tour and a taste.

Great afternoon here at a Highland distillery. As you will (I am quite sure) all know, Scotland has 5 major regional distilleries. Highlands and Islands, Islay, Lowlands, Speyside and Campbeltown.

The read more about the regions CLICK HERE

This is the distillery we went to and the picture shows us before the second tasting.

This is where we went

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