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The Ambulance Service

I have taken the somewhat bold step of putting my name forward as a Governor for the Ambulance service in this area. South East Coast Ambulance Service – aka – SECAMB.

SECAMB is an NHS Foundation Trust and that means it has Governors who are there to hold it to account, rather than Whitehall Mandarin (although the Governors are not alone)

I am asking for your vote.

I will be adding a page here about how to vote and why you should exercise your vote (even if you do not vote for me).

This is my personal statement as published.

Why me?

I believe in democracy, fairness and recognise the essential value the Ambulance service brings to us all.  The service is not directed by Whitehall mandarins – it is accountable to the public it serves. The  governance of the Ambulance service is one I believe in and I will represent the public to ensure the Service lives up to its promises.

My motivation

I want to make a positive and practical difference to people’s lives. I do that elsewhere as Chair of Young Enterprise locally which helps 13 – 19 year olds develop skills in enterprise and business and as a Community First Responder (CFR) for the Ambulance Service.

Reasons for standing

  1. I have the time and commitment, together with organisational skills and motivation
  2. I am financially independent and able to commit to public service on an unpaid basis
  3. This position combines my beliefs in democracy and proper governance of a trusted service.

The skills I bring

  1. An independent voice
  2. The ability to deal with matters on an even handed basis as well as difficult issues should they arise
  3. Experience and competence as a speaker, leader and manager.

My relationship to the Trust

I am a CFR in Eastbourne. This provides me with a unique insight into the front line ambulance service provided to the public, because I go on 999 calls with the teams in green.


I ask for YOUR vote so that I can represent YOUR voice as a Governor.

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