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I love sailing. The wind – the water. A world where we really control very little of it. We play with whatever wind there is, we utilise whatever currents there are, we try to stay safe in a hostile and unforgiving environment. But that’s sailing. It’s a different world to the one I inhabit on land. I enjoy it – don’t know why, but I just do.


The picture here is taken when I went out for the day on Carina. A new Southerly 110. This is owned by a group not unlike the Brighton Belle (BB) group. I have mislaid their web link. If you know it please let me know, these guys seemed like a lovely lot to be with. I enjoyed my day with them.

The Bighton Belle group, This is what I belong to and who I sail with.

I used to believe the secret of the success of this group was the boat. Well it is, but more important are the people.

Check out the website HERE to  find out about this amazing boat and its people. Millionaire sailing with a pauper purse and no short cuts. Don’t believe me, come down and see us and find out for yourself.



Improving the odds of recovery

Video on MOB and using a life sling (we have one on BB)




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