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Technical & Medical

I discovered (and realised) some 20 years ago that a bit of me is quite technical.
That led to an interest in and the development of our insurance sites on the Internet.
From that I met with and conquered several technical problems and some of these issues I refer to from time to time and actually use time and again.

So I thought – why not publish them. If they are of help to you, help yourself. I will.

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I discovered (and realised) only a few years ago that I am really interested in the world of pre-hospital care.

I am very grateful to Steve Meech in Eastbourne for his unfailing help in understanding elements of the world of pre-hospital, and in particular his guidance and practical help when it comes to dealing with “real world” issues.

The Heart

I find this guy helpful
Dr John Campbell –  Read about him here

Cardiovascular system – 1 – 12

  1. Heart, Structure and Function
  2. Heart with labels
  3. Heart, electrical system
  4. Heart internal electrical system podcast
  5. Arteries and Veins
  6. Arteries and veins podcast
  7. Circulation of the blood
  8. Heart with labels
  9. Mechanisms of venous return
  10. More mechanisms of venous return
  11. Heart modle
  12. Heart structure and function

Here are some more: